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Naim Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
29 lipca 2022

Shame is rooted in the present, but draws from the past, taking inspiration from the likes of Portishead and Kate Bush, whilst being acutely aware of the challenges Fable’s generation faces. “Being human is more complicated than it has ever been,” Fable explains.

“I’ve seen so many young people just spinning in information, feeling like they have all the knowledge but none of the power. I think I’m here to say 'Look, keep it simple, forget all of this hype, delete your social media, empower your own experience, compare notes with your child self. What would they think? Being happy doesn’t make you ignorant to the world's problems. Love yourself and the everyday stuff.’ It's all here.”

Having last year relaunched an impressive fledgling career that had already included performing at Glastonbury and collaborating with Orbital, Fable’s second coming has been met with enthusiasm from tastemakers, including NME, 6 Music, CLASH and The Independent, notably for the trip hop and neo soul blending ‘Orbiting’, which has racked up over a million streams, the emotionally introspective ‘Womb’, and the 6 Music-playlisted title track ‘Shame’. Signed to Naim Records, the label wing of the award-winning premium audio brand, and an ambassador for mental health charity My Black Dog, she has recorded a debut album of genre-fluid, searingly honest and darkly beautiful music that spans from urgent post punk to introspective electronica, whilst posing questions that are both timely and personal, yet timeless.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Fall Away 3:03 Kup

    Fall Away

  2. 2 Womb 4:24 Kup


  3. 3 Guilt Of The Act 3:09 Kup

    Guilt Of The Act

  4. 4 Sandcastle 3:14 Kup


  5. 5 Heal Yourself 5:29 Kup

    Heal Yourself

  6. 6 Shame 3:51 Kup


  7. 7 Orbiting 4:03 Kup


  8. 8 The Reaper 3:40 Kup

    The Reaper

  9. 9 Unequal 2:37 Kup


  10. 10 Thirsty 3:00 Kup


  11. 11 Swarm 4:50 Kup


  12. 12 Onion Brain 4:12 Kup

    Onion Brain


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