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Naim Records
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26 August 2016

“Oddly infectious, the sheer alien nature of the sound is allied to a whimsical pop touch that truly gets under the skin.” - Clash Magazine

"strikingly unique; an offbeat departure from the day that hints at all manner of things to come." - Gold Flake Paint

“A record that you just couldn’t have heard five years ago. It’s completely in the now, in the moment, trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible and what can be done.“ - Tom Robinson

Bloodmoon is a song about a personal experience.

Stergin say about the track;

"A couple of months back I schlepped me and my girlfriend on top of Blackheath in London at 3am in the morning. We were going to watch a rare lunar eclipse coinciding with a supermoon. This was the first eclipse of this kind since 1982, and the last until 2033. As the shadow creeped into the moon ,it looked more and more as the moon was bleeding. It felt a bit like the earth's truest companion, looking down on the planet was having a bit of a hard time.

When we came back to our house I started to write Bloodmoon with the moon outside my studio window moving by. The earth's shadow gradually disappeared until it was gone totally like as nothing had ever happened. Lot's of the sounds on the finished record were produced in that night.

All the wars, terrors, nationalistic risings happening in the world at this very moment seemed unreal to me. There was just the moon and the earth's shadow dancing in the skies and it was beautiful"

A giant shadow in the sky, red like blood and suddenly it's gone.

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