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Get The Blessing
Naim Classics
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11 September 2015

“Get The Blessing’s set moves back and forth between mellow to intense, but it’s never indulgent. What makes Get The Blessing such a formidable live act is that their music, no matter how obscure, never fails to entertain. The audience remain enthralled throughout, the accessibility of their music being the key.” - Drunken Werewolf

"Seriously creative but also wonderfully irreverent" - MOJO

"One of the best of the powerful post-millennial generation of British jazz bands" - The Independent

"Get the Blessing is back for its fifth album and the momentum of creativity is undipped." - BBC Music Magazine

Astronautilus is Get The Blessing's fifth album (and third for Naim) and comes blazing out of Bristol chasing the tail of its predecessor, 2014's Lope and Antilope. While Lope and Antilope saw the band dip their toe in mellower waters, Astronautilus was literally composed between crashing waves and deserted estuary sands, producing an album of pounding rhythms, spacious atmospheres and strongly-crafted melodies - plus, of course, the unpredictability and musical mischievousness that have made the band so exciting and successful. Astronautilus has all the deep textures and open-sounding playing with electronics you would expect, but with a greater sense of structure and depth. On first listening it's darker and subtler, but further listening reveals it to be an exciting and focused album, or as the band put it, "dark with a joyous soul." Astronautilus is dedicated to the memory of Ornette Coleman, who passed away in June this year and who was pivotal to the band's formation in 2000. After fifteen years Get The Blessing can still lay claim to their original line up: Jake McMurchie sax and electronics; Pete Judge trumpet, flugel horn, piano and electronics; Clive Deamer drums and percussion and Jim Barr bass, electronics and organ. That they can still produce such creative and intelligent music - all balanced with wit and passion - as well as find time to work on other projects, is testament to the free spirit that they embody, not to mention their new cocktail, the Gin Garden.

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  1. 1 Phaenomena 3:13 Get The Blessing Buy
  2. 2 Carapace 6:25 Get The Blessing Buy
  3. 3 Monkfish 2:57 Get The Blessing Buy
  4. 4 Conch 4:27 Get The Blessing Buy
  5. 5 Cornish Native 4:29 Get The Blessing Buy
  6. 6 Nautilus 5:23 Get The Blessing Buy
  7. 7 Green Herring 4:22 Get The Blessing Buy
  8. 8 Hayk 7:19 Get The Blessing Buy
  9. 9 Sepia 4:07 Get The Blessing Buy

Get The Blessing

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