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Max Raptor
Naim Classics
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10 April 2011
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Max Raptor's debut mini-album 'Portraits' is exactly that: micro-sketches of society, framing scraps of the world around them, painting with ambition, arrogance, anger, disillusion, greed, joy, futility, violence and pride. From alcohol abuse to domestic violence, from maddening jealousy to plain ineffectuality, 'Portraits' illustrates humanity's divergent weaknesses. Max Raptor, in their mid-20s, admit the nu-metal era was a gateway to the essential alternative listening they treasure today; including the classic punk of The Clash and The Buzzcocks, new-wave of The Jam, pop-edge of Manic Street Preachers, post-stadium riffage of The Foo Fighters, not to mention the raw extremities and energy of contemporaries such as Zico Chain, Cancer Bats and The Ghost Of A Thousand. Poroduced by Dan Weller (of Young Guns, Enter Shikari and Gallows production fame) 'Portraits' is rammed full of short, sharp and snappy portrayals of modern existence. The King Is Dead, Beasts, Carolina and The Alarm chronicle a plethora of dysfunctions with a colour of inevitability, whilst Obey The Whips underscores the decline of our 'empire' with a wry nationalist cry. The unruly mob vocals of Patron Saint (Of Nothing) depict our embarrassing obsession with celebrity culture, the narcissism that it breeds in our youth and the decay it creates when we forget to live our real lives. The convulsive Ghosts is a sobering realisation that (surely) everyone has at least once in their life; 'I am worthless', whilst the infectious anthemia of The Great And The Good reduces totalitarian rhetoric to a clichéd moshpit mantra.

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"..heavy slabs of rocking punk that manage to be muscular without being muscle-bound...what's more the sound of this album is alive, not just loud. Add it all up and you'll see a band who are very much one's to watch." -- Kerrang KKKK

"Merging different influences from The Bronx and The Dillinger Escape Plan to Cancer Bats and The Clash with a shared interest in unanimous disinterest, their no nonsense, angry sound is sure to see the album worthy of the success that will follow the band as they smash it up in 2011." -- Rock Sound (Faye Lewis)

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  1. 1 The King Is Dead 3:37 Max Raptor Buy
  2. 2 The Great and the Good 3:12 Max Raptor Buy
  3. 3 Beasts 3:03 Max Raptor Buy
  4. 4 Obey the Whips 3:45 Max Raptor Buy
  5. 5 Carolina 3:35 Max Raptor Buy
  6. 6 Patron Saint (Of Nothing) 3:07 Max Raptor Buy
  7. 7 Ghosts 2:58 Max Raptor Buy
  8. 8 The Alarm 3:25 Max Raptor Buy

Max Raptor

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