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Naim Records
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25 março 2022

Driven on by a dynamic synth arpeggio and Fable’s spectral vocals, Shame laments the state of the world and the uphill battle her generation faces, and is emphasised by a powerfully hyper-fake video that delves into themes of over-consumption, vanity and toxic media.

“Shame masquerades as a sleek pop song, but when you unpack the themes it's uneasy in its skin. I wrote the synth arpeggio first and built the vocal around my beat and brought it to the studio where Jonas Persson and I turned into this sharp, melancholic pop track. It's about the feeling of impending pressure in the modern world being met with ever increasing resistance to do anything differently.

“I think it’s really important that people take what they want from the video. Our generation needs to relate differently to our history than previous ones, as we try to reclaim our identity, separate from the one history has handed us. Working with my visual collaborator, Matt Hutchings, I wanted to broaden the scope a little more and ask some searching questions about the nature of shame and the state of society right now,” Fable explains.

Fable's debut album is out on May 20th via Naim Records.

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