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Harry Jay-Steele
Naim Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
4 décembre 2020

Defying easy categorisation, Boundaries is equally influenced by the L.A beat scene including Flying Lotus, Taylor McFerrin and Gonjasufi, the UK post-dubstep electronic scene, as well as African artists such as Blue Note jazz guitarist Lionel Loueke, Mumford & Sons collaborator and Senegalese super star Baab Maal and Tinariwen. Steele worked with Jordan Rakei’s co-producer and drummer Jim Macrae to create the textured sound of the album, “by setting a bed of drums for each track. A lot of this was highly processed and often looped with live drum takes layered with samples which were sent into the modular sampler and filtered with effects”.

Forging a sound of his own, the Goldsmith Uni alumni is a master of blending his eclectic range of influences; elements of Soul, Indie, African and Electronic Music are weaved into a rich tapestry of percussive rhythms, tasteful guitar work and deft poeticism. His music is a sonically adventurous experience, a complex and layered approved sound palette skilfully tied around his distinctive vocals. Talking about the narrative behind the album Steel explains; “’Boundaries’ speaks of confronting the self and challenging its limitations, searching for a sense of home or trying to get back to the feeling of it (Harry’s childhood home was called Boundary farm). It also alludes to the geographical crossroad of musical influence found on the record; from London to Lagos, Soweto to Chicago it’s all in there.”

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 Work It On Your Own 4:46 Acheter

    Work It On Your Own

  2. 2 In The Dream 3:46 Acheter

    In The Dream

  3. 3 Wish For One Night 4:05 Acheter

    Wish For One Night

  4. 4 Lost Nor Found 4:44 Acheter

    Lost Nor Found

  5. 5 Precious 3:56 Acheter


  6. 6 Reach You 3:59 Acheter

    Reach You

  7. 7 When You Go 3:14 Acheter

    When You Go

  8. 8 Not Quite Like This 2:44 Acheter

    Not Quite Like This

  9. 9 Horse 2:50 Acheter


  10. 10 Prison Rainbows 3:35 Acheter

    Prison Rainbows

  11. 11 Can You Hear Us Now 4:33 Acheter

    Can You Hear Us Now

  • Harry Jay-Steele - Not Quite Like This

Harry Jay-Steele

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